Santa is heree

Omg and @MaddyandOwensMom is the BEST Santa around!
  1. Omg so the first adorable thing is that she clearly read my lists from the address 😱😱😱😱
  2. Made even MORE clear by the present labels! Omg so much thought and time....amazing!
  3. A gift card to my absolute FAVORITE homebrew spot. I can't believe it!! I didn't even know they did gift cards!!!!! Can't wait to go stock up 🙏❤
  4. These are SO PERFECT for the flash cards I'm making for my cicerone certification did you know?!
  5. Awww so sweet! A pic of chewy will go in here for sure!!!
  6. I can't wait!!! Making some cookies for the new year 🍪🍪🍪
  7. Perfect for my soap dish in my bathroom. Totally part of the konmari method 🙏☺
  8. And sweet amazing tokens from @MaddyandOwensMom's hometown!!! (So close to NYC by the way ☺☺)
  9. I'm so overwhelmed by the kindness and thoughtfulness of this gift!!!! We cannot WAIT to use the hot sauce and the soap is already out in my soap dish! Plus that journal so amazing and motivating. Thank you thank you thank you!!!
  10. And so much thank you to @DawnCloud for putting this together and connecting people from all over the cool is that?!
  11. Annnnd I used the very sweet gift card I received in this gift to make a Belgian golden strong that won first at regionals! Off to nationals with your gifted ingredients @MaddyandOwensMom