The Great Debates Live, from the perspective of a Great Debabe.

Thank you thank you @jesszaffino for the request. Can you believe Great Debates live AND @list live in one week??
  1. Opened with a micro debate about the size of Central Park.
    Your basic pandering to the New York crowd and we ate it UP! Here you see Steve, killin it for the pro.
  2. They had the three minute timer projected onto the backdrop. Such pressure!
    Dave, slaying the con.
  3. Then they brought FANS on stage.
    And debated about them. I'm not too proud to say...I was very jealous.
  4. Honestly though, where IS Mindy??
    (I was too close to get all three in one pic #humblebrag)
  5. Finally after much suspense the guest debater is introduced.
    We rightfully lose our minds and Mindy looks incredibly chic. Look at this ponytail action.
  6. They play a fun AND sexy game...
    No spoilers! Listen to the podcast.
  7. Steve slides in some promotion for his new book. (The Wonder Trail)
    YAS MARKETING (@helytimes book is available now for pre-order)
  8. @mindy takes a pro in one debate and a con in another. And is a champ at it.
    Rod Stewart comes up in a very appropriate way.
  9. Medina closes it down with his smooth as silk voice from the gods.
    How is it even real?
  10. We proceed to hang out at this lovely little burlesque performance space for drinks.
    And everyone is a gem.
    Make America Debate Again.