I found out these were untrue after probably 15 years of believing them?! Maybe this is why people tell me I'm too trusting...you guys have any??
  1. If I don't go to the dentist every 6 month my Dad loses his health insurance.
  2. Milk goes "Sell" (not bad)
    Until I was in college I thought milk went 'sell.' In my college dorm I told a friend, "Uh oh your milk is sell!" You can imagine what came next.
  3. If you overdraft your bank account, the police find you and take you to jail.
    Maybe this was ok in the long run?
  4. The speed limit is 10 miles more than what the sign says.
    I learned the truth in high school driver's ed. Yea, I was the dumb-dumb who confidently answered this out loud in class. (And then fought the teacher on it...)
  5. I am of Swedish descent.
    In reality, my mom just wanted to make a Swedish dish for "ethnicity week" 5th grade. I continued to tell people I was Swedish until THIS YEAR when I was out with my parents and told the waiter our last name was Swedish. I was swiftly corrected and it was "no big deal."
  6. Eating too much dessert will give you sores until your throat closes
    I think this is from being a dancer. I've heard this might be true for chocolate giving you cold sores? But I was told it was any dessert. Once in my junior year of college, we were up late eating cookie cake and one of my friends had several slices. I said, "aren't you scared you'll be sick tomorrow?" Yea.
  7. If you go to bed with wet hair, you'll wake up with a cold.
    I believed this for so long that (unless it's the height of summer) I cannot climb into bed unless I've blow dried my hair. Obviously I know it's not exactly true, yet there is still a part of me that wonders if there is a shred of plausibility!
    Suggested by @jessicaz
  8. I was born on my parents' 8th anniversary. I thought everyone was born on the same date their parents got married for much longer than I'd like to admit.
    Suggested by @tedfox
  9. I thought people had to go to the hospital to MAKE babies since that is where they went to HAVE babies.
    Suggested by @jessicadroberts
  10. That everyone would die on their birthday. So I was obviously afraid of my birthday for a while. I figured it out quickly, but I missed out on enjoying some good ones
    Suggested by @stephbee
  11. The the normal and obvious place to watch fireworks is from the roof of your house.
    When we were little, we visited my grandparents every 4th, and this is what we did. It was probably because no one wanted to drive through crowds to get to a good place to see the fireworks. The first summer we weren't at my grandparents', friends asked where I was going to see the fireworks and I was like- DUH, the roof?!
    Suggested by @hannazoeo
  12. Food and wind pipes...
    When you choke on your food, and people ask if it went down the wrong way? Until high school science, I believed that there was a food pipe and a DRINK pipe. I was always so amazed at how these pipes must work.
    Suggested by @Mischief_Manager
  13. Until I was in the 5th grade I thought if you put your mail in the big mail box on the corner it would go directly to the post office via an elaborate maze of underground chutes.
    Suggested by @dluna63
  14. Water resistant
    When I got my first watch as a child, I was always very careful to take it off before going in the water. It was water resistant to 50m, and I believed that I could only swim for 50m. I was too scared that if I swam one length of an Olympic size pool it would die.
    Suggested by @Mischief_Manager
  15. I thought it was illegal to walk on grass at all in America
    I first moved to America when I was 8 and my mom told me no one can walk on grass even on public property here; it took me till high school when I told my friends to be careful on the school lawn because a security guard was near by to find out this wasn't fully accurate.
    Suggested by @asapanj
  16. That my mom almost married Lionel Ritchie, but she ended up marrying my dad because she wanted her kids to have blonde hair.
    Suggested by @doodler19