Inspired by @angusisley
  1. Woke up feeling not great, third day of Whole30....
    Not eating added sugar, gluten, dairy, legumes or drinking any alcohol for 30 days and my body is in the "where's my sugar" phase
  2. Made coffee
    Forced to drink it black because of Whole30
  3. Walked dog and caught up on new podcasts I needed to listen to for work
  4. Made breakfast and continued pod listening
    Sugar-free bacon ain't half bad...
  5. Walked to TKTS
  6. Got tickets to "Something Rotten"
  7. Got a black tea with cinnamon
  8. Picked up brewing supplies from mailroom.
  9. Made a yeast starter
    For beer not bread 😉 weighed and stored everything else
  10. Drank more tea and read
  11. Made lunch and played Uncharted 4
    I made homemade sugarless ketchup to go with, it
  12. Went to TJ Maxx and got a new non-stick skillet and a Halloween costume for my dog
    She's gunna be a turtle
  13. Caught up on personal and semi-personal emails
  14. Went for oysters
    Ate 8 oysters and a crab claw
  15. Saw Something Rotten
    DIED laughing if you like musicals please please see this
  16. Waited for a very delayed subway home and watched the crazy mix of people in the station
  17. More tea, and the New York episode of The Layover
  18. Bed thinking of Kevin Spacey as a cat and inexplicably craving ice cream mixed with popcorn