Treat Yo Self Chicken

You guys we DESERVE this...
  1. Start the treat: Ingredients
    We're about to stuff a chicken with brioche, foie gras, black truffle and Italian butter. Don't worry, it's not as expensive as it sounds!
  2. Foie scraps...the best find at your local specialty store
    All of this was $6. This is the clippings from the foie loaves sold elsewhere in the store. (We're gunna purée these so we don't care about how they look...)
  3. Truffle truffles but le cheap.
    This is black truffle shavings encapsulated in caviar like pearls. This whole thing was $29 and we're going to use like a quarter of it.
  4. Turn that brioche loaf into beautiful golden crumbs.
    Cut off the crust. Throw in a blender or food processor. You done!
  5. Get your dried morels rehydrating.
    Pour just enough room temp water over them to cover. Water can be lightly salted. (Ps - these are expensive, this is $15 of well deserved mushrooms)
  6. After your butter has been set out to soften, cube it and add foie cubes. Mix and mash thoroughly.
    I just use a fork and go at it.
  7. Add truffle pearls to taste. Do not over do it.
    Truffles are pretty intense...don't over do it.
  8. Mix in brioche crumbs.
    Go 50/50 butter mixture to brioche crumbs. Put the mixture in the fridge.
  9. Loosen up your chicken skin. Put your hand between the skin and the chicken. Start with the legs and work your way all the way to the breast.
    This feels weird but is super important. Check out that loose leg skin 😉
  10. Take the mixture out for the fridge. Put it into a large plastic bag and cut off the corner.
    You're going to use this to get your delicious stuffing under the skin.
  11. Pipe the butter mix under the skin. Go all the way up to the breast and try to cover as much area as you can.
    (That's the used up piping bag....I forgot to take before pics!)
  12. Put some thyme, shallot, salt, pepper and whatever you please into the cavity. Then truss.
  13. Put your chicken in the fridge for an hour.
    This will get your under-skin butter hardened and ready for cookin'!
  14. In the meantime, get your sides and sauce ready!
    I'm doing leeks, mashed potatoes and a morel sauce. This is where those rehydrated mushrooms come in!
  15. Spread any left over butter mix onto the chick and put into a 400 degree oven.
    Look at him! He's so excited! We're talking 45 minutes to an hour here.
  16. Enjoy a beer while your chicken is cookin...
    Oh what's that? That's a pretty beer? Omg I'm blushing...thank you! It's a homemade IPA
  17. Let your baby rest.
    At least 20 minutes. It's tough, but worth it y'all.
  18. Plating: mashed potatoes> chicken breast> leeks (or other veg)> morel sauce
    Add Parmesan if you crazy!
  19. And now....
  20. ....TREAT YO SELF
  21. PS - this is based on the Eleven Madison Park chicken. Check the vid: