5 International Places I'd Like To Go

  1. The Kremlin, Russia
    What beautiful architecture! It would make beautiful photographs. While I'm there, I could eat some borscht.
  2. Lake Louise/Banff, Canada
    I was here once in the winter when I was about 18. It was so incredibly beautiful! It is like I was instantly addicted and i have been wanting to go back ever since (I'm now 57).
  3. Austria
    I drove through the countryside from Germany to Innsbruck and it was beyond lovely. It might be fun to do that again and continue on to Salzburg and take in where Mozart played his music.
  4. Ayers Rock
    Actually all of Australia. But Australia is a big place. So I just named one thing
  5. The Amazon
    I would love to take an Adventure Cruise down the Amazon. I've never been on a cruise because they just don't sound interesting...But an adventure cruise? Down the Amazon? Doesn't that sounds like a blast?