5 Top Places I Want To Visit (US Version)

  1. Alaska
    I envision chilly air, beautiful mountains, mosquitos the size of golf balls, and Northern Lights. I really, REALLY want to go!
  2. New Orleans, LA
    I've been a few times already, but the next time I go, I want to go to one of the neighborhoods that are primarily not my color and gorge on the food.
  3. The Black Hills
    I don't know which Dakota these are in and, honestly, I'm not thrilled with the jewelry....but for some reason, I really want to go. I really can't explain it.
  4. Arkansas or Kentucky
    I wonder what a real hillbilly would be like. I mean, are they like what's on TV? Or what? They're probably just folk....But I still want to know. I'm curious.
  5. Nebraska during tornado season
    I think I would love to be a storm chaser. Sounds exciting! Maybe I could attach myself to some scientists who are studying tornados and be their driver.