My boyfriend and I go camping every chance we get. When I talk about "no people", he's still there. Somewhere.
  1. Number one reason: No People.
    I like solitude.
  2. Rocks have a quiet language.
    They may be quiet, but I love their language. Rockhounding is one of my favorite pastimes.
  3. The beauty of the environment
    Mountains, deserts, valleys, streams, lakes, canyons: each has its own allure.
  4. Day-to-day responsibilities are gone.
    Of course, they are not gone....but they are pushed away while we're away.
  5. I love to sleep outdoors.
    Absolutely. Love. It.
  6. Shooting stars are a blast to see!
    See: "sleep outdoors" above.
  7. I feel free.
    Free from cramped city life. Free from day-to-day worries. Free from social constraints.
  8. The photography opportunities are boundless.
    About the only thing I canNOT take a picture of is crowds of people.
  9. Even my phobias seem inconsequential.
    On this last trip, I even went into a cave by myself. Normally, I am afraid of the dark, claustrophobic, and afraid to do things on my own. In the wild, I feel invincible.