Another losing memory list
  1. Music!
    I used to have a very high soprano voice and could also sing in the alto range (low G to E above high C), but my voice is lower now (C below middle C to high A). I also could play any instrument I tried. I played piano for my church and for the kids' schools for about 35 years.
  2. Typist, Salesperson
    When I worked at the phone company 1976-1986
  3. Medical Transcription
    I was a transcriptionist for about 8 years while the kids were in school. 2000s
  4. I went to Le Cordon Bleu because I wanted to be a chef, but it turns out that I cannot stand that long. 2010-2011. I think I'm a pretty good cook.
  5. Editor for books
    I'm doing this currently. Really enjoy fixing other people's writing.