Another losing my memory list
  1. 1958
    I'm told we lived in an apartment in West Seattle. I don't remember it. Too young
  2. 1959-1964-ish
    Cute little place in West Seattle. There were lots of kids in the neighborhood.
  3. 1965-1977
    Big, brown, stucco house down by Fauntleroy Ferry Dock in West Seattle. I moved out 2 weeks after high school graduation.
  4. 1977-1978
    Dive apartment in West Seattle for 9 months. There were rats, but it was cheap. Plus, I slept on the roof because it had a beautiful view of downtown Seattle.
  5. 1978-1980
    Cute little brick house with big yard near Northgate (North Seattle). Owner sold it out from beneath me.
  6. 1980-1982
    Bottom floor of triplex. Bright red carpet. I loved it! I sublet it to friend, Bart, while I was in Air Force boot camp. When I came back, landlady had rented it out to someone else. Had to find somewhere else to live. Her in-laws were selling their house and I fell in love with it.
  7. 1982-1987
    House in Wallingford. Great house! Leaded glass windows, coved ceilings, French doors, old tile. I really miss that house.
  8. 1987-1988
    Moved into Alan's rental
  9. 1988-1995
    Alan bought house in Renton.
  10. 1995-1999
    Lived in condo with kids after they were molested in other house
  11. 1999-2008
    After Alan died, moved into a great place out in the country. 2 houses in the same lot. Rent from smaller place just about paid for the mortgage on the property. Over the years, I had had a lot of rentals, so I had plenty of experience.
  12. 2008-current
    Stupid little trailer in Bothell. I hate it. I wanted to move back to Seattle, but couldn't afford it. This was as close as I could get. I don't recommend ever living in a trailer. It sucks.