1. You won't actually need to know half of the crap they make you "learn"
  2. You won't read all of the chapter..eventually skimming is your closest friend. And spark notes..
  3. Unless your college is paid for entirely by grants, scholarships, and family.. You will probably cry over the debt you're acquiring.
    Gen eds make for a "well rounded individual" ANNNNDDD bank account that has flatlined
  4. You'll also cry over having only $5 in your bank account.
  5. Coffee is a necessity
  6. Making friends in class is critical if you ever need makeup notes
    And for your sanity.
  7. The food on campus usually sucks..
    But we came for the brownies! --inside joke further explained: I once read a raving review on an anonymous campus page saying the brownies at school were to die for. Basically, the best they've ever had. And they could NEVER pass up an opportunity to enjoy such delicacy. --now, the brownies are okay. Mediocre at best. Certainly nothing I'd ever crave or go out of my way to spend my hard earned money on.
  8. That said, packing snacks is essential if I have a long day ahead and plan on not being a raging hangry bitch.
  9. Once you get into your core classes, you see a lot of the same faces. Make friends! Get numbers!
    You've obviously got something in common!
  10. The time you have when visiting home becomes more precious than you ever imagined. There never seems to be enough time but you're usually ready to leave, all at the same time.