I'm hoping the narrow generational and geographical demo for this list will keep it from being a "hey remember pop rocks" nostalgia based bid for likes. Plus it's fun to read restaurant reviews from when LA was a culinary wasteland.
  1. Indigo
    http://lat.ms/1JPXZeY Now Electric Karma
  2. Boxer
    http://lat.ms/1cH4OVw Now Escuela Taqueria
  3. Cynthia's
    http://lat.ms/1ElYZTd Now Son of A Gun
  4. Vida
    http://lat.ms/1HnzHeT Now Chabad of Greater Los Angeles
  5. Authentic Cafe
  6. Hamptons
    http://lat.ms/1HnyV1y Building no longer exists
  7. Sonora Cafe
    http://lat.ms/1cH60rN Now Graffiti Sublime Coffee
  8. Red
  9. Kokomo Cafe
    http://lat.ms/1d81HGU Now Little Spain