My wife @busyphilipps is working in Charleston all summer so the whole fam is moving there. She flew with our baby, but I thought it would be fun to drive my 6 year old daughter. I was not wrong. Below is a list of my favorite things from the trip - which if you know me at all not surprisingly consists almost entirely of hotels, coffee, and food.
  1. The Tesla Supercharger network
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    Only putting this first to explain the route we took. To use the Telsa Superchargers from LA to Charleston you have to go up to Denver then take Route 70 most of the way, then head South from Indianapolis. Anyway - I could write a 10k word essay on how this trip changed the way I drive and think about driving, but suffice it to say it was awesome.
  2. Oddly Correct in Kansas City
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    Serious coffee - as good as anything I've had anywhere.
  3. Blackberry Farm
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    I could post 300 pictures from this farm/hotel/restaurant in Walland, TN
  4. Blackberry Farm pt 2
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    Sorry one more these Rancheros were the best I've ever had
  5. 21c Hotel in Louisville
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    A hotel that is also a 24 hour museum. We stayed in a room called "Asleep in the Cyclone" which was designed by one of the artists.
  6. Cart-Driver in Denver
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    Amazing pizza in a 600 sq foot storage container
  7. Gralehaus in Louisville
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    Great breakfast and coffee. That's an egg biscuit sandwich, a Speculoos crepe, and a pretzel croissant. Yeah, a pretzel croissant.
  8. My daughter being such a badass
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    Driving 8 hours a day and away from her mom and sister she was nothing but fun and energy and willingness to try anything.