So you're opening a store. What to name it? Everyone loves puns right? Or does everyone hate puns? Unclear. Either way every time someone passes your store they'll either cringe or smile and you've successfully cut through the clutter so congrats. From best to worst - according to my entirely arbitrary pun quality scale.
  1. Chateau Marmutt
    A fancy hotel for your dog. Perfect execution.
  2. Lawrence of La Brea
    You're on La Brea Ave. and sell Persian rugs? Firing on all cylinders.
  3. Hats in the Belfry
    My first pun store memory - from this hat store in Baltimore. Not as great as the first two, but still holds up.
  4. Merchant of Tennis
    Starting to fall off a bit here. Yes you are a merchant of tennis equipment - so on the surface the pun is fine. But it lacks that second layer of significance - what's you're connection to the play?
  5. Wizard of Bras
    Same problem as Merchant of Tennis. Are you Jack Haley's great grandson whose passion for women's undergarments led you to open this shop? If not it's a little weak.
  6. 90210Pho
    A stand in for a number of Pho places that for some reason tend toward punny names. A sub par effort because, as far as I know, you've gotta mispronounce pho to get it to rhyme with "O". Pretty phogettable.
  7. Humphrey Yogart
    The all time worst. When you have to misspell and mispronounce THE ONLY THING YOU SELL in order to make a tenuous connection to an ancient movie star who has nothing to do with THE ONLY THING YOU SELL then your attempt at a pun has failed. Excellent yogart though.