How do ya'll feel about music? I like it. I especially like it when songs (how I prefer to listen to music) do the things I like.
  1. End of song fade outs
    A lost art. The best fade outs have a subtle change at the tail end of the fade, leaving you wanting more. In this case, the backing vocals take over: The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down by The Band
  2. Long outro guitar solos
    I only like guitar solos at the end of songs. They feel like filler in the middle. This one also has an excellent fade out: Carry the Zero by Built to Spill
  3. When the lyrics to the chorus subtly change each time
    Choruses that repeat verbatim every time tend to get boring. Small tweaks keep you interested: John My Beloved by Sufjan Stevens
  4. Codas with a new melody
    A lot of my favorite songs switch it up at the end: Good Intentions Paving Company by Joanna Newsom
  5. Lyrics that reference songwriting
    Love some meta if it’s clever. This song has arguably the greatest exchange between two singers/songwriters sharing a band: I write the songs - I WRITE THE SONGS - You say I’m doing it wrong - YOU ARE DOING IT WRONG. I Was Born (A Unicorn) by The Unicorns
  6. Jangly/strummy guitar
    An indie staple of my youth that I just can’t give up. Luckily some new bands are continuing the tradition: Simple Feelings by Twerps
  7. Use of people's names
    Sucks me in more than impersonal pronouns. In this song “Goddamn it Amanda, goddamn it all” tells the whole story: The Mermaid Parade by Phosphorescent
  8. Use of city/town names
    Especially ones I’ve been to/grew up near: Ocean City by Kurt Vile
  9. Use of street names
    Had a tough time choosing between any number of Elliott Smith songs for this but went with this one: Condor Ave. by Elliott Smith
  10. Unexpected saxophone
    Saxophone deployed improperly can be deadly. But in the right hands it can be cool and air sax is secretly way more fun than air guitar. Try it: Coronado by Deerhunter
  11. Nonsense vocals (las, nas, dees, bahs etc.)
    When playing live Judee Sill would attempt the hard to pull off “bada bweeeee”. Luckily in this studio version she settles for a more subtle alternative: The Lamb Ran Away With the Crown by Judee Sill
  12. Killer bridges
    I mean you could pick any part of this song it’s near perfect: The Ballad of El Goodo by Big Star