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  1. Louche
  2. Eschew
    I think the correct pronunciation sounds a bit phlegmy, right? Because otherwise it's a gentle sneeze of a word.
  3. Endive
    En-deev? On-dive? Some combination of the two? WHY CAN'T ANYONE TELL ME?
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  1. Boyhood
    I get the novelty of the filmmaking approach, but man - or should I say boy? - I just do. not. care. about the rest of it.
  2. Bananas
    These aren't a "meh" thing. They're an "I'd lead a banana genocide if I didn't think doing so would probably harm some cute animals" thing.
  3. Animals
    Except for wombats, otters and that sloth in the video who eats fruit sticks super-lazily.
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I went for the esoteric.
  1. The moon
    ...Complete with a gold-leafed mantle of stars that promptly fell apart in the rain.
  2. A camera
    I wore white stirrup pants with black dots to represent the spots people see when a flash goes off.
  3. A social butterfly
    Go-to. Wings and a black dress. Clever without being slutty!
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