1. You come home in the morning from a party and by the afternoon, you're already drinking beer with your parents
  2. You've eaten fish for breakfast
    Multiple times
  3. No one can pronounce your last name
    Even after they've known you for four years
  4. Most people can't even pronounce your first name
    Even though it's phonetic
  5. You have a need to be ultra-nationalist about your home country
    Because your culture & history should be of utmost importance to all
  6. When visiting your grandma, all she comments on is how you're not eating your food
    Doesn't matter how long it's been since she's seen you last. All she cares about is that you're not eating.
  7. Your cousins question the existence of automatic cars
    "They're actually a thing?!" they exclaim with excitement
  8. Kinder eggs are life
  9. You get to proudly announce that you're a dual or tri citizen
  10. Anytime you hear someone speaking your language, you make it a point that they know that you speak it too
    Be that saying hello or loudly singing a song in said language
  11. High alcohol tolerance flows through your blood
  12. Your parents have the most badass accents