WARNING: Side effects may include weakness in knees.
  1. Pride & Prejudice
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    Mr. Darcy is everything.
  2. Clueless
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    Paul Rudd can get it. 24/7. Open invitation. No expiration date.
  3. The Holiday
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    Jude. Law. 😦
  4. It's a Wonderful Life
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    I want the moon, too, damn it.
  5. Sixteen Candles
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    Jake Ryan, GET AT ME.
  6. Bridget Jones's Diary
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    Mr. Darcy strikes again.
  7. Romeo + Juliet
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    "Give me my sin again" like, whaaaaat? Is this even real? Get it, Claire Danes.
  8. The Notebook
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    Because, obvs.
  9. Dirty Dancing
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    Playful and sexy and perfect.
  10. Catch and Release
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    *Swoons for eternity* Timothy Olyphant is the hottest 'Timothy' I've ever seen in my life.