1. When I hear a loud rumble approaching and think "The Big One" is finally here.
    Since the 6th grade, Southern California educators have drilled into my head the fact that it could hit at any moment, and my nervous system took note. It's almost always just a plane passing overhead, but the irony is, I live only a mile from LAX.
  2. When anyone proposes a trip to Disneyland.
  3. When my dad silently falls asleep watching TV and I watch intently for movement to make sure he's still breathing.
  4. When my brothers fight.
    When anyone in my family fights, really, but especially when they do.
  5. Spiders.
    Any and all encounters involving them. Something about not being able to tell which direction they're going to go and also, how they can descend from ceilings and trees at any time.
  6. Quiet moments in scary movies.
    Too quiet. It's a similar feeling to when your waiting for the nurse to stick the needle in. You know something is coming, but you don't know when and you know it won't be good.
  7. When either of my parents begin a conversation with, "Everyone's okay, but..."
  8. When someone is mad at me, but won't tell me why.
  9. The final minutes of any beloved season/series finale.
    You never know what could happen. Those crazy writers!
  10. Fearing I chipped a tooth, but not having access to a mirror, so I run my tongue over said tooth again and again trying to remember what it felt like before I thought I chipped it.
    It's never chipped.
  11. The moment I press send on anything high stakes.
  12. When a police car is behind me on the road.
    "Stay cool. Is my registration expired? STAY. COOL."
  13. Approaching the final pages of a good book.