Most of these have carried into adulthood, let's be honest.
  1. Lived in constant fear that a spider would lay it's eggs under my skin.
    Thanks a lot, "Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark."
  2. Always wondered how people kept driving when they had to sneeze. Feared that, years in the future, when I finally learned to drive, I'd have to sneeze and would undoubtedly crash and die.
  3. Every time my mom was running late to pick me up from school, I thought, for sure, someone in my family had died.
    The dark thoughts of an anxiety-ridden 12-year-old.
  4. Feared that, at any moment, an asteroid would enter the atmosphere and I'd have to watch and wait, helplessly, as the lethal blast wave of destruction came towards me.
    Thanks a lot, "Armageddon" and educational dinosaur extinction reenactments.
  5. Feared "The Big One" was going to hit while I was asleep and our house would collapse on top of me.
  6. Thought there were going to be A LOT more strangers trying to coax me into their car than there actually were.
  7. Feared there would be razor blades in my Halloween candy or that someone might have sneakily injected poison into them without damaging the wrapper.
    Didn't stop me from eating it.
  8. Fear that consuming watermelon seeds would result in a watermelon growing in my belly
    Suggested by @aminam
  9. "Knock on wood" phase
    This was probably just a really weird OCD thing but literally every thought I had that could potentially result in something bad was refuted by knocking on wood. Some nights I would just be laying in bed knocking on my headboard for 20 minutes
    Suggested by @hailey
  10. Quicksand.
    I anticipated this would be a greater problem than it is.
    Suggested by @kaitmaree
  11. Fear of going to the bathroom at night because a man might pop out of the toilet after you flushed. #truestory
    Suggested by @MsKateElise
  12. Fear of "Bloody Mary" appearing in the bathroom mirror.
    Thanks to my best friend who made me do that whole thing with her when I slept over one night. I couldn't wash my face at night for a long time after that because I was convinced when I looked up, she would be there in the mirror.
    Suggested by @DG
  13. Nuclear War on our soil.
    Suggested by @notme