33.3333333333% of damage inflicted by Ben Stiller.
  1. When Ben Stiller goes insane at the end of "Heavyweights"
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    Thank God Jeffrey Tambor stepped in.
  2. Every scene with Ben Stiller in "Happy Gilmore"
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    I didn't even recognize him as Ben Stiller until YEARS later and it shook me to my core.
  3. When the terrorists attack Doc and Marty in BTTF
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    Those vans still creep me out.
  4. When Grama kills the dog in "Rounders"
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    (see bio)
  5. Dark Heart from "Care Bears Movie II: A New Generation"
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    IMDb describes him as a "demon villain" and that is hefty understatement.
  6. When the hazmat people try to take E.T.
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    Still puts a pit in my stomach.