Movie Moments That Scared the Hoot Out of Me as a Kid

33.3333333333% of damage inflicted by Ben Stiller.
  1. When Ben Stiller goes insane at the end of "Heavyweights"
    Thank God Jeffrey Tambor stepped in.
  2. Every scene with Ben Stiller in "Happy Gilmore"
    I didn't even recognize him as Ben Stiller until YEARS later and it shook me to my core.
  3. When the terrorists attack Doc and Marty in BTTF
    Those vans still creep me out.
  4. When Grama kills the dog in "Rounders"
    (see bio)
  5. Dark Heart from "Care Bears Movie II: A New Generation"
    IMDb describes him as a "demon villain" and that is hefty understatement.
  6. When the hazmat people try to take E.T.
    Still puts a pit in my stomach.