Although you might have heard these songs before, I had the pleasure of hearing them for the first time in a visual context and they stuck with me because of it.
  1. "It Never Entered My Mind" - Miles Davis
    RUNAWAY BRIDE: I don't know what high brow bastard gave this movie such a bad score on Rotten Tomatoes. Garry Marshall is a treasure and this is a timeless classic in the realm of corny romance. "It never entered my mind" brings a perfectly balanced authenticity to one of the best scenes of the film. Also, killer rainy day track.
  2. "Into the Mystic" - Van Morrison
    THE NEWSROOM: "First Thing We Do, Let's Kill All the Lawyers" - To be fair, I do think I had heard this song subconsciously before, but now I'm obsessed. Almost as obsessed as I am with The Newsroom. Considering Aaron Sorkin's attention to detail, I like to think he chose this song specifically for the charming rooftop scene in which it was used.
  3. "Retrograde" - James Blake
    MASTERS OF SEX: "Race to Space"- Haunting. In the final scene of only episode two, this song crept in and I was hooked on the series. James Blake is dope.
  4. "Wait" - Alexi Murdoch
    AWAY WE GO: One of the best original soundtracks of all time! This track stands out because it's used in the final scene and really grasps the tone of the movie as a whole. So good.
  5. "Northern Sky" - Nick Drake
    SERENDIPITY: John Cusack and Jeremy Piven are perfect for each other and the rest of the movie isn't bad either. It's everything a romantic comedy should be and this song is the cherry on top in the final scene.