Written in the voice of excited Aziz.
  1. Dev's obsession with Yelping food spots!
  2. The delightfully unexpected music!
  3. Hilarious scenarios that inspire you to be a decent human being!
  4. Aziz!
  5. Perspectives of all types!
  6. Dev's condemnation of frozen yogurt!
  7. Authentic small talk!
  8. The delightfully unexpected cast!
  9. Thoroughly binge-able!
  10. Dev's moral compass!
  11. There's an entire episode devoted to parents!
  12. Aziz again!
  13. There's an entire episode dedicated to old people!
  14. Dev's obsession with pasta!
  15. The general charm!
  16. The flashback scenes and Dev's daydreams, so well done.
    Suggested by @mels231982
  17. Dev's parents are Aziz's parents 😃
    Suggested by @kate81
  18. Dev & Rachel's relationship is very cute and also feels very realistic
    Suggested by @sarahgorman
  19. The pacing!
    Suggested by @lyndsay
  20. That ending, though.
    Suggested by @lyndsay