As a therapist, here's what I look for in my own helper.
  1. A creative - My biggest a-ha moments were born from moments I was encouraged to behave and think differently. Someone comfy in both their left and right hemispheres is a must.
  2. A challenger - There's nothing worse than a therapist who enables my bad habits. I need my therapist to work out those kinks of the psyche and call my sh*t out from time to time.
  3. A listener - Maybe unfair, but I notice anxious or unhelpful therapists are usually the ones too quick to advise. I want a skilled helper who employs silence and thoughtful enquiries over platitudes and motivational clichés.
  4. A facilitator - I like knowing that I'm moving steadily upstream as opposed to floundering helplessly. Therapy short-termers and lifers alike should be encouraged to set achievable goals clear to both the patient and their shrink.
  5. A straight-shooter - I can get myself worked into a tizzy on occasion. A good balance is a pragmatist to cut through the BS and help me stay on track.
  6. An eye-twinkler - Attempting to connect to someone who's dead in the eyes makes for a painful 50 min. Someone with relatable expressions and feelings makes this otherwise artificial relationship feel human.
  7. A humorist - Help me feel ALL the feelings - including LOLs. Confident helpers skillfully know when to bring humor into the mix, driving home a point in a memorable way.