First list! Went with one of the introductory suggestions because I thought this would be easy. I changed it to four because I can.
  1. Mad Men
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    There is no TV show world I get sucked into quicker than Mad Men. 10 seconds into an episode and I feel like I'm living in the 60s, wearing a perfect suit, and drinking and smoking way too much. It's the perfect sense of escapism, which is what I would need if I'm alone in a deserted place.
  2. Arrested Development
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    No show is as rewatchable as Arrested Development. There was a solid 6 months where the first 3 seasons never left my my DVD player, and I was still finding brand new jokes everywhere. The show just doesn't stop being laugh out loud funny.
  3. Twin Peaks
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    In a similar way to Mad Men, I can get sucked into Twin Peaks's world instantly. Basically, I don't want to feel like I'm on a deserted island. Also, once knowing how the show turns out, rewatching the series is still fun, trying to find clues hidden within. Plus, i could never get tired of staring into Kyle MacLachlin's eyes.
  4. The Simpsons
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    I haven't religiously watched the Simpsons for years, which makes it perfect. There are literally hundreds of episodes I've never seen. It would be weeks before I've finished all of them, and by the one I have, restarting would be easy because I would have forgotten about a majority of them and they'd be new again.