I love movies but certain movies i will watch a 1000 times if they come on tv even if i own the dvd lol
  1. 17 Again
    Most people don't know that there are two movies with this title. I love both of them. One stars Zac Effron and the other stars Tia and Tamera.
  2. Sweet Home Alabama
    This is my favorite movie. I have seen this movie more times than I can count. I could reenact the whole movie by myself. Plus Reese Witherspoon is so amazing in this movie.
  3. The Avengers
    This movie is amazing and I usually don't even like superhero movies, but i love this one.
  4. Transformers
    Yes the acting is questionable but there is something about Optimus Prime that brings out the kid in me and makes me want a transformer. And I choke up ever time Shia yes "Bumble Bee" like his life depends on it. Could the movie ls be better? Sure but everyone knows that they have seen it at least 100 times.