October brings out the best in me!
  1. Beach House
    Feeling all the things. Myth? Space Song? Cue vignettes with no sound running through my head with Beach House music behind it
  2. Watching Movies
    I've never understood those people that are on Netflix literally all the time but having more free time and access to the U.K. Netflix has made me a little more accepting.
  3. Cinnamon
    So underrated!! Cinnamon, the magic spice! Put it in coffee grounds, on roasted potatoes, in your bowl of muesli. Cinnamon!!!
  4. Writing in a small notebook with a really nice pen
    How did I not become this form of liberal arts earlier: the person who has a tiny notebook for all the thoughts that come to them on the go, furiously dragging ink into wistful phrases like "summer's door" and "shortened vision" while sitting on a bench outside, occasionally adding in a grocery list or daily schedule
  5. British cappuccinos
    Shoutout to Europe for reminding the world that yes, there IS a difference between a latte and a cappuccino, and in the UK that difference is the kind of cup it comes in and the fact that your cappuccino will have chocolate powder/shavings/sprinkles
  6. Crumpets
    A softer, spongier version of an English muffin!! How delightful
  7. Turning regular phrases in other languages into a cool ironic phrase
    I'll be obsessed with this for awhile in order to say these new dope phrases in America. A few examples are "Grüss Gott" (Austrian German) to be like "yo, BLESS" and "ja tack!" (Swedish) to be like "mm yas pls?"
  8. That 6 second video where the Teletubbies are raging to "Delirious"
    I never liked Teletubbies and I don't really like that song but somehow the combination is so me