I witnessed the horrible murder of a balloon that I had grown quite fond of for the 20 minutes I had been sitting still, watching it sink towards the ground, slowly, and then change its mind and fly towards the ceiling. I was pretty upset. (probably haven't gotten the full concept of this app yet, but this felt important).
  1. An orange balloon was slowly loosing height, coming closer and closer to the ground.
  2. Then all of a sudden it stoppet, waited for a second, and headed back up, towards the ceiling.
  3. I was so ammused, and convinced this balloon had a soul.
    Or something
  4. I felt some sort of connection to this balloon.
  5. All of a sudden it started loosing height again
  6. but then it stopped
  7. I was ready to cheer it on on its way towards the ceiling once again
  8. And that's when it happened
  9. This guy came out of nowhere, dragged the balloon down from its safeplace and started sucking out the air of that poor little thing
    like a vampire for balloons
  10. He started talking, his friends started laughing
  11. The balloon was not laughing
    neither was I
  12. After less than a minute it was all over
  13. And I wanted to scream
    (I didn't scream)
  15. The boys could go on with their life
  16. The balloon could not
  17. And there I sat, feeling like I had lost a friend