This is in no way a complete list
  1. Wearing overalls is the best decision we've made in a long time
  2. Strike that. Putting m&ms in the bib pocket of our overalls is the best decision we've made in a long time
  3. Do not eat all of the m&ms we spilled on the couch because we will have a tummy ache. Good lord, mom was right.
  4. Never tell mom she was right. She'll never let us hear the end of it
  5. Never tell mom anything we don't want the whole family to know
  6. Even the cat will laugh at us
  7. If the cat MUST sleep on the bed, make sure we're in it before she jumps up. Otherwise, she'll be an asshole and we'll be stuck sleeping on the edge with no covers
  8. If the cat looks like she's going to jump on our lap and sleep there while we read or make lists on our phone, make sure our bladder is empty
  9. Trying to get the cat off our lap is harder than we think. Do not wait until our bladder is at DefCon 1...especially when we're wearing overalls
  10. Do not forget to take the m&ms out of the bib pocket of our overalls before we let the bib of our overalls fall. There will be m&ms on the bathroom floor and we will have to play 52 pick up with a million (this is an approximation) m&ms