We Forgot So Much in the Years Since Our Dog Died

We haven't raised a puppy in 16 years and it's been 5 years since we've had a dog in the house.
  1. Puppies like to chew. A lot
    Toys are a must. The stuffing from a mattress pad will thank you
  2. Puppies will follow you around the house without any ulterior motives
    Unlike the cat who only likes us when we have food or she wants to be pet
  3. Puppies almost always make noise, except when they're getting into mischief
    Unlike cats who are silent nearly all the time
  4. Puppies were made for cuddling, they WILL get up on the furniture to lay with you
    Even though your mom doesn't want them on the couch
  5. Puppies will put anything in their mouth and try to eat it
    You've gotta be faster than they are if you don't want them to eat the twist tie
  6. Puppies are quick little buggers
    You have to be quick if you want to catch them to put them in their crate or to put their leash on