If I Were Trapped on a Desert Island With Only Three Tv Series

  1. Gossip Girl
    Because I can have it all: hot people, great one-liners and writing, sex, drugs, rock n roll, fashion porn, FURY over the inevitable screwing up of the end of the series each time I rewatch...
  2. Parks and Recreation
    Okay, it was tough to choose just one of my favorite comedies. So I went with the one that I watch almost daily (still) and never fails to make me laugh and also fall in love with every character and relationship within.
  3. The Office (US)
    So...I didn't choose just one. But come on. Yes, I could use my stranded time with, oddly, some way to watch 3 television series, to finally watch a critically acclaimed drama I've always said I'd get to. But, I'd rather watch "Stress Relief" for the 200th time.