I'm already making plans. I'm ready for a break (from school). I'm ready to relax.😴
  1. Finish the hunger games series
    I've seen all the movies, but I'm a little behind. I'm still on catching fire.
  2. Start the divergent series
    Again I've seen all the movies but it would be nice to read the books.
  3. Redecorate my room
    I like it but I think I'm going to completely change it.
  4. Organize my room
    This goes along with cleaning it
  5. Learn how to do different hairstyles
    I'm very limited at the moment
  6. Design my own clothes
    I've always wanted to do this
  7. Go camping
    l love to be outside and go camping. (By the way, the "i" is actually a lowercase "l")
  8. Go to the beach
    I also love to go to the beach. It's a lovely paradise. Laying on the warm sand. Swimming in the shallow water. Getting a nice tan. Putting your handprint in the sand, and watching the waves wash it away.
  9. There are far more things
  10. I'm definitely going to have a busy summer
  11. Can't wait!
  12. 😎