Inspired by @egiuffri
  1. Like
    Seriously, like, all the time
  2. Seriously
    Usually when someone says something rude
  3. So I saw this thing.....
    Referencing this app
  4. What?
    I'm sorry but like 60% of the time I can't hear you. (I can hear you but it's not at all what you said)
  5. Sorry I wasn't listening
    Kind of goes with the first one. It's not my fault I drift into a strange universe.
  6. I don't care
    I'm not trying to be rude it's just that sometimes I really don't care.
  7. Really??
    Meaning you really wanna go there right now. Usually it's a thing with my friends. I might even give them one of these 😏
  8. Der der der
    All the time.....because I say a lot of stupid things that don't make sense
  9. What are you doing???
    Say this a lot. I mean a lot! 🙈
  10. Whatever
    When someone says something 100% true and I don't want to admit it. Or, opposite, and they got their story all wrong
  11. Yeah right
    When I'm not at all believing a single word of what their saying
  12. So many more😆