1. When people ask what your doing here
    Oh you know hunting elephants! (Not that I would ever do that.)
  2. When people say that you're following them
    Just because we happen to bump into someone a couple times doesn't mean I'm following you! I was here first! If anything you're following me!
  3. When people ask you what's wrong
    Not trying to be rude, I know you're trying to be nice, but if I wanted you to know I would tell you.
  4. When your crush gives you mixed signals
    How am I supposed to know if you like me or not? One day I catch him staring at me then the next it's like I'm invisible. (It's been pretty good for awhile now!)
  5. When people ask "When's later?"
    Later is when I feel like it. It could be in an hour I could be in a week.