Inspired by @ladyboss
  1. When people chew with their mouth open
  2. The sound your window makes when it's the only one open in the car
  3. When people say " liberry" or however you spell it. (Considering it's not a word!)
  4. The word "moist"
    Seriously that just sounds gross!😖
  5. When people drive down the turning lane
    Omg it's not a lane you can just drive down!
  6. When people play heavy rock music on long car rides
    I can deal with it for a little while, but after that it's like: kill me now!
  7. People that are too competitive
    I'm competitive but some people take it too far
  8. I have been working on this list for a long time and I keep saying to myself that I needed to add more
  9. But I think it's good now
  10. So there you go...
  11. (These are in order btw)