Rhode Island cliff adventures

Featuring my friends
  1. My girl Vannessa and my BF on the cliffs
  2. Rich (inspecting nature) and Adam on cliffs
  3. Adam crazy
  4. I was inspecting nature
  5. This is a sign explaining why we shouldn't do what we were doing
    (Some one gave the cliff guy a dick)
  6. Started from the bottom now we here
  7. Selfie
  8. I love to mess w vannessa
    See what she is pointing at in the next photo
  9. The sign she is pointing to says keep this area safe give a wave
  10. Nature
  11. Up close and personal w a flower living on the edge
  12. View of cliffs from a far
  13. High above cliffs
  14. Where water meets rock
  15. Beach and cliffs in background
  16. Back to beach sidewalk