My first list. Get to know me through my screenshots.
  1. β€’
    Take me out to the ball game...
    This is a recent digital ticket from my first game of the season. The Mets Lost. My fav player Cespedes hit a homer and Lageras made a great catch. It also rained. But it was still a blast ate great food in Acela club with two of my dear friends. πŸ’—βšΎοΈ
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    The BF
    This is the man I love doing what we love to do. I stole this photo off of snapchat. I'm reminded of a quote him and his fam say, when some one asks for a lighter "I Am The Light! What you seek is fire..."
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    Edited College pic
    This is an edited photo from my days at SUNY Purchase. I edited out the other person cuz I have no idea what happened to her or what's he is up to. But check it out I was soo young. I thought I was too cool ... Still do 😏
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    Stolen from snapchat
    This is the BF w his nephew. My guy just got the hat. We believe sharing is caring. I also love to screenshot photos off of snapchat so be warned!
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    Work photo from FB
    I work at a museum in NYC. We have dogs who work with us in the security team. They are really great coworkers cuz they deal with things at the job just like humans. This is a dog named Eisner obviously waiting for a drink from the cafe in the Museum.
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    Never Forget
    Stolen from the BFs snapchat. he takes a moment to reflect on the change of the NY skyline from Washington Sq park. The freedom tower now dominates the skyline πŸ™
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    Too funny
    For those that may not know. This the title of a drake album. It is also a poignantly made tattoo that says even more than Drake intended.
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    Free MaxB
    I loved Max B! he was the future of hip hop. Until he made some really poor decisions. They gave him so much time, they might as well have buried him under the Jail. I'm not saying he is innocent but he made great music and he was going to be really influential in hip hop especially in NYC. I even have friends who named their son Maxx B. Man I will never stop saying FREE MAX B.