Went to a Spa Castle

Featuring my ryde or die Chicks
  1. This is the main pool in the spot. It has a bunch of different features and selections.
  2. Poolside bar w Jenn
  3. At the pool side bar w Jenn
    This indoor pool had a lot of chlorine
  4. Had to bring bathing suites but the spa provided slippers.
  5. Up close with Us
  6. We gets crazy in a personal spa
  7. Outdoor NYC spa w my Girls
  8. Enjoying drinks
  9. Jen , Meka and Nati
  10. Me, Jenn and Meka
  11. Jenn and Meka
  12. In the Gold sauna 💖💛💖💛
  13. We got wild in the light room
  14. This guy was popping off about leaving his Ex - Girl and she called him
    He was wild dude 🎉👴🏻
  15. Meka in the light (room)
  16. Jenns butt print in the light room
  17. Himalayan salt room
  18. Getting crazy in a cold room
  19. Nati Posing
  20. The craziest moment
  21. Meka and nati
  22. Jenn and I
  23. Relaxation room