I have been pretty busy since Friday
  1. Rented a car and drove for hours w friends
    Blasted music the entire way
  2. Got crazy in a hotel room.
  3. Enjoyed a continental breakfast.
    Strawberry waffles and snacks for later.
  4. Sat by a heated pool and read the local paper
    A mansion with only blue flowers opened up. Also the graduating middle school kids didn't get an end of the year trip. Parents don't know why, but they assert these are good kids and the administration may not like them.
  5. Visited Rhode Island, saw the sites in the smallest state.
    Hung out at a bar 'Pour Judgment', food was great.
  6. Visited the Cliffs in Rhode Island.
    Chilled by the cliffs and had lunch by the beach.
  7. Climbed on the cliffs
    Against our on better judgment. It was worth it.
  8. Went camping in Saugus, Massachusetts.
    Complete with campfire and party supplies.
  9. Made the best s'more of my life. Added peanut butter.
    My BF ate his first smore.
  10. Slept comfortably in a tent with 3 other people. Made a double sleeping bag for the BF and I
  11. Saw baby birds being fed by their mother.
    Also saw the birds parents have a domestic dispute because I was brushing my teeth feet from the baby it's nest.
  12. Went to a secular bnai mitzvah. Was very impressed with the maturity level of the young adults
    Bnai mitzva is when multiple children have a bar/batmitzva together. The service had no Hebrew or Rabbi but so much diversity. Amazing.
  13. Drove home in a car, full of food, in a cooler of melting ice, that we didn't get to eat at the campfire.
  14. Went to a bat mitzva in a conservative synagogue for my 70 year old friend, during a special Sunday service to celebrate the gift of the Torah.
    She had practiced for 2 years and just got back from visiting Israel. Very meaningful.