Attending the Toronto Film Festival is a ton of fun. Once a year the entire city, and all of us who flock to it for this festival, become full fledged movie fanatics and we have our standards. Never ever
  1. Leave to pee during a screening when seated in the middle of the row at an IMAX screening.
  2. If you do the above never ever return to your seat. Finish watching screening from the exit door.
  3. In fact, just don't ever leave to pee from any seat at any screening.
  4. Do not open candy during the movie. Waiting for explosions in the film to cover the sound will not reduce the number of hate stares.
  5. Do not eat popcorn. Unbelievable but true. I had someone try to kill me with the evil eye because I was chewing popcorn with my mouth closed during The Theory of Everything. Some of us are more serious than others.