Best Hateful Replies From God Loving Conservatives to a Tweet They Didn't Like

  1. When I heard that Antonin Scalia died, I tweeted this:
  2. Which prompted this
  3. Huh?
  4. Umm, both?
  5. I had no idea Scalia fought in WWII
  6. Um.... Stage?
  7. Me type good
  8. Fight of yours lives? Against "these type" of people? This manages to be both overly dramatic and very creepy.
  9. YES!!! I look like a 20 year old!!!
  10. What is a hihab???
  11. Luciferian!!!
  12. Well this is just very down to the point
  13. The irony of the comment is lost on the commenter, clearly
  14. I guess wanting a Supreme Court justice who believes in evolution and human rights makes me a slut?
  15. A waffle of the twat
  16. Okay this is actually scary and I reported this dude
  17. At least he sounds polite
  18. Why you gotta bring the Clintons into this?
  19. Again with the inexplicable slut shaming...
  20. Nuh-uh! I do NOT want any kids.
  21. I don't think Che Guevara had dreadlocks???
  22. Thanks for reading! Love, a #skank#