1. Jan 1 - journaled on the beach like some kind of tampon commercial
  2. Jan 2 - bought some sexy underpants for a great price
  3. Jan 3 - crushing anxiety about going back to work after a long holiday break the next day but with awesome injection of human interaction at List App meet-up
  4. Jan 4 - I found out that someone who was often mean to me died suddenly over the holidays - this is the kind of shit that makes lunatics convince themselves they are "the chosen one" or some other similarly grandiose nonsense, but I'm not convinced of any superpowers unless Ted Cruz or Donald Trump or Ammon Bundy drops dead
  5. Jan 5 - everything in Los Angeles was beautiful and rain soaked and begging to be captured on a canvas; also our beautiful president cried at the thought of children being murdered with guns and Fox News accused him of sniffing onions
  6. Conclusion: what even the fuck?! Aka life as usual