1. The Hateful Eight
    A true masterpiece! Tarantino kills it with this one. So bloody and crazy. The thing I thought was cool about it was that there was no moral center at all and you could choose who you liked and wanted to "win," almost like a gladiator fight. Beautiful film and the best of 2015
  2. Mad Max: Fury Road
    One of the best action films in a long time. Tom Hardy is one hell of an actor. The colors and overall attitude of the film out it up there with the greats.
  3. The End of The Tour
    This film is full of laughs and times that make you think. Sort of an existential film with great characters that you truly connect with.
  4. Spotlight
    This movie is super depressing and eye-opening. These performances are STELLER. Mark Ruffalo is dope!
  5. Ex Machina
    This is soooooo enjoyable and crazy! So brilliant and intelligent! A must see!
  6. Dope
    This movie is DOPE! Super modern and cool with the youngsters! Sick references that you just can't explain to old people haha. ASAP ROCKY AND VINCE STAPLES ALSO KILL IT IN THIS MOVIE
  7. The martian
  8. Straight Outta Compton