(not for good, just for lack of time)
  1. I got a boyfriend
  2. Boyfriend lives away so we talk every night on the phone
    We're old school like that.
  3. Using the phone for its original purpose requires way more attention then texting in front of a TV
  4. Watching shows together but only seeing each other on weekends limits TV consumption
  5. Getting so behind on the long list of shows you watch makes it hard to decide where to start when catching up.
    This last time I went with "Jane the Virgin"!
  6. Introducing people to shows you watch means you watch the Pilot 20 times but still haven't seen the last 5 episodes.
    Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Still funny!
  7. Netflixing old seasons of shows us easier than trying to find sites to pirate new episodes off of.
    Yes I still do that. Internet is over $100 a month, who can afford satellite/cable subscriptions?
  8. Finally;
  9. It's really just all about the boy.