Maybe TMI, but this is reality... ladies feel free to make suggestions! #periods #pms
  1. The irony of wanting to curl up in the fetal position when I have cramps is not lost on me.
  2. It's like getting the flu once a month
    Fever, chills, achy all over
  3. Insomnia
    Despite feeling like crap it's the only time I wake up before my alarm and actually look presentable for work.
  4. Shopping is pointless
    Indecision rules like a tyrant king. Nothing fits. Why do they put the "petite" clothes up high?? (Separate rant)
  5. If you forget for just second that you're on your period it will make sure you and everyone else knows.
    Never forget. Never.
  6. Mood swings are for real
    I'm not that girl... but these hormones are for real and there's very little I can do about them. So watch yourself
  7. Having to tell guys you're "sick" or "have a backache"
    Cause they couldn't handle it if you said PMS.
  8. *follow up
    I always want to be overly truthful cause "you asked" but I'm afraid to my coworkers will get to awkward despite them being married or in serious relationships.
  9. Give me chocolate
    Also cliché, but seriously; chocolate. Now.
  10. Cutesy names for it are the worst
    "Aunt Flo" etc
  11. So are "happy period" commercials
    Basically, don't tell me how to feel.