1. Got off work and chilled waiting for bae to come home
  2. Bae gets home and we argue on what to eat
    We didn't
  3. @jojonichole and @BeezNeez invite me to the casino
    I was already in my jammies and didn't plan on going anywhere
  4. Plans changed to cruise so I agreed to tag along
    Bc you don't need to look presentable to drive around
  5. We go to Miner's at 1am
    And I convinced @BeezNeez to make a li.st account
  6. Drove back to my house
    Thought this was the end of the night but boy was I wrong
  7. Started driving towards nowhere?
    Just the way I like it
  8. Told the car I had to pee
    I had a milkshake, a beer, and a bottle of water bc I thought I'd be going home and I have the bladder of a pregnant woman without being pregnant but there wasn't a bathroom in sight
  9. Ended up in prosser because it was the closest place with a bathroom
    3:30am, and prosser is like 40 minutes from my house sooooo
  10. We're on our way home I think
    3:55am and I have work at noon lolol rip me