I saw someone post their Facebook "On This Day" memories (I forgot who I'm so sorry) and I thought it would be interesting???
  1. The great chocolate vs strawberry milkshake debate
    Me and my bf got into a heated argument over this and decided to take to social media. This is also when I learned who my true friends *spoiler alert* I DON'T HAVE ANY BECAUSE ALL OF THOSE FUCKERS CHOSE STRAWBERRY
  2. Actually this is what started our argument
    I lied but I'm too lazy to switch them around. My bf loves the pizza lunchables which are the worst thing you could make into a lunchables. And I think all but 2 people (who aren't even my friends lol)
  3. 17 (almost 18) me
    WHY Not that I'm any cuter now but like idk this just wasn't a good look
  4. When I still talked to my dad and after I bought my first car
    He didn't want to cosign for me so I said "fuck you" and got a nicer car anyways