I'm eternally grateful for the things my teachers taught me from 2008-2012
  1. We Didn't Start The Fire by Billy Joel
    It was an 11th grade US History requirement basically
  2. How to date
    *See my list for Best Advice I'd Ever Receive Best advice I've ever received (Rules Of Dating)
  3. Terrible jokes
    What's green and has 2 wheels? Grass! I was just kidding about the wheels
  4. The mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell
  5. House MD is the answer to everything
    Spent half of my sophomore biology class watching House because our teacher didn't want to do anything (shout out to Rowland)
  6. How NOT to use a dishwasher
    I was a TA for my Chem teacher so he made me wash beakers and random glass and long story short it always leaked water whenever I used it because I didn't know what I was doing (my family has never had a dishwasher lol)
  7. How to build a Fort
  8. You only need a pulse to get into CWU
    I shouldn't be throwing shade since I've never attended college but I always thought it was funny that teachers said this
  9. Using chalk to draw on the building and pavement is still considered vandalism
    You know because it's to hard to spray everything down with water....
  10. Don't put forks in your backpack
    @jojonichole learned this the hard way
  11. You can BS your way through almost anything
    Just be a very social and liked person and people will take your word for it. Wait, wut.
    Suggested by @jojonichole
  12. You can procrastinate
    And still pass your final projects the first time around
    Suggested by @jojonichole