1. I fucking hate this place
    Repeated throughout the day
  2. Are you fucking kidding me?
    Probably directed towards Pablo (my manager)
  3. You're a fucking idiot
    Again, probably directed towards Pablo
  4. Leave my fucking tables alone
    I just checked on them 10 seconds ago, they don't want to be bothered and groped by you PABLO...WORRY ABOUT YOUR OWN DAMN SECTION
  5. Let the table fucking eat
    They 9 times out of 10 they don't want you to go over and check on them every 2 minutes
  6. You're not fucking funny
    Seriously shut the fuck up PABLO
  7. Quit fucking touching people
    They don't want their shoulders rubbed or your hugs
  8. Leave me the fuck alone
    I can handle the 3 tables you fucking ass holes give me a day, I don't need your help
  9. Quit taking fucking pictures of us with the security cameras
  10. Quit taking fucking pictures of us with the security cameras
  11. Quit fucking calling me Chula, mi reina, etc
    It's gross and I'm not your Chula or reina or princesa
  12. I don't want you to fucking cook for me
    The food here is fucking gross but if I do want to eat I'll make sure myself or my fave chef makes it
  13. I can hear you fuckers, come tell me something
    I may not speak Spanish but I can fucking understand you...now come say it to my face (they hate confrontation and will deny they said anything bad and say I misunderstood)
  14. You're fucking rude
    "Pinche cabrón/cabrona" is rude and I don't find it playful or funny at all, especially towards myself and customers
  15. Fuck you
  16. Fuck off
  17. I'm fucking out of here
    My favorite time of the day