Today I'm quitting my job after 3 1/2 years and it's bittersweet but the new owners ruined everything good about the restaurant (extremely long story that I might make a list of) in a matter of 4 months.
  1. My coworkers!
    Seriously, they were a second family to me. 2 people in particular that I've seen and talked to almost everyday for the last 3 years. I have their numbers but it's the same 😭
  2. My regulars
    After my old manager quit I really got to know more of the regulars that stuck around after the management changed. They were all sweet and funny and as soon as I saw them I didn't even have to ask what they wanted because I knew their orders like the back of my hand. I loved always hearing they liked me taking their orders bc I knew what they liked and how they liked it.
  3. Not having strict bosses
    Honestly I'm on my phone like 90% of the time but I always had my section and side work taken care of so they didn't mind that much (until the new owners said I was a liar after they told me they didn't care if we used our phones because they were always on theirs 😒)
  4. The tourists
    During the summer Toppenish is very popular because they have murals painted all over the city and people eat that shit up. But it was always interesting meeting people from different states and countries and stuff.
  5. Bartending
    I was totally thrown into it but I learned a lot, probably not the proper way, but I think that's my next job anyways
  6. Tips
    Unless I go into bartending then forget this but before all the changes I never had to worry about money too much because I always had some. But the last few months have killed me and forgot what it's like to live paycheck to paycheck. I was only making less than a hundred dollars A WEEK
  7. The nachos
    My go to meal 😭 now they're nasty because one of my coworkers that got fired was the chef who made everything and he's not there so everything tastes disgusting